Bingo Sites Offer More Side Games

Today most internet bingo operators offer much more than bingo games. Most internet bingo sites are in reality online casinos with a huge variety of games. Some games are designed to keep players entertained between bingo games and other side games have large jackpots and are just as popular as bingo games. Two years ago a survey of British bingo players showed that roulette was the most popular side game at bingo sites. Side games at most bingo sites include online slots, pull tab games, video poker and blackjack and keno.

Slots are probable the most popular side games among internet bingo players. Industry figures suggest that slots account for a large share of revenues generated at bingo sites. At land based bingo halls in the UK slots, also known as ‘fruit machines,’ were responsible for 70% of all money spent at bingo halls. Slot games are probably the easiest to play. No special skills are required; just push a button and wait for the results. Modern slot games feature awesome graphics and animation. Slots have come a long way since the days of the old fashioned ‘one armed bandits’ of yesteryear. Today’s slots feature multiple paylines, five reels and each game has its own individual feel. Most internet bingo sites feature an impressive array of slot games.

Keno is bingo’s first cousin. Instead of numbers being called during a game players purchase cards that are already numbered. The idea is to pick 1 to 10 numbers from a board that is numbered 1 through 80. Players then decide how much they want to wager and how many rounds they want to play. Bets are commonly in the range of $1 to $5 dollars. The keno machine which is powered by a random number generator selects 20 winning numbers during each round. The more numbers that the player has selected correctly the more they win.

Video poker has been a big hit since it was introduced at land based casinos in the 1970’s. Most bingo sites offer a variety of poker variants such as Texas Hold ‘Em and Jacks or Better. Players can elect to play the hand they were dealt of draw new cards. Players can draw up to five new cards. The hand rankings are the same as live poker hands. Video poker is a great inexpensive for beginners to learn the game.

Most bingo sites offer pull tab games. Pull tab games are simple and require no special skills or strategies. Like bingo pull tabs are a random game of chance. Pull tab games are inexpensive and each pull tab game has amounts that are selected by players. Usually payout tables are displayed on one side of the screen and pull tabs on the other. Players ‘pull’ the tabs by clicking their mouse. Each pull tab game has individual winning combinations that are displayed on each game.

As can be seen internet bingo sites offer much more than online bingo games. Bingo operators are constantly adding new games and with rapidly evolving technology who knows what the side games of the future will be?