How To Avoid Internet Bingo Scammers

The number of people playing internet bingo has increased over the years and today millions play online bingo. In the UK alone there are about 3 million regular internet bingo players. By and large internet bingo has been free of scammers and cyber criminals and 99.9% of all bingo sites are reputable and honest. Unfortunately there have been a few incidents of cyber scammers taking advantage of internet bingo players. For American players the risk of becoming a victim is compounded by prohibitionist laws that leave American players at the mercy of offshore bingo sites.

Since players in the United States have no legal recourse against unscrupulous bingo operators there have been several cases of unscrupulous operators taking advantage of players in the US. In countries where internet gambling is legal and regulated criminality is virtually unknown and consumers are protected against scammers. Many offshore bingo sites appear to be legitimate and will lure players with promises of huge jackpots and generous deposit bonuses. Disreputable internet bingo sites make it virtually impossible for players to contact them to resolve complaints and since they are located offshore there is not much players can do. In a few cases irate bingo players have tried to contact the websites by phone only to find out that the phone numbers provided are bogus.

Rogue sites can be hard to spot but there are a few ways players can spot an unscrupulous internet bingo sites.

If the bingo site asks players to make payments via email or asks players to send a check or cash that site should probably be avoided especially if they ask for bank account numbers and other sensitive information. Players should be able to make deposits using credit cards, debit cards and third party ewallet services.

Players should never use any bingo site that demands payment via Western Union.

Players should always look for a physical address and, if possible, verify that the address is real.

Bad grammar and spelling are often indicators of a less than honest bingo site. Mistakes indicate that the site was set up quickly in a non English speaking country.

Players should follow their instincts. If something doesn’t seem right it is best to look for another bingo site.

Google is a bingo player’s best friend. Players can easily check out the reputation of just about any internet bingo site in existence. It is easy to avoid scammers and fortunately most internet bingo operators go to great lengths to provide players with a safe and fun environment.