Internet Bingo is ‘Recession Resistant’ Say Some Experts

The days are long gone when bingo was a game for grandmas playing in converted cinemas and church recreation halls. Bingo player demographics have undergone a dramatic shift and reflect the domination of a younger predominately female group. The number of male bingo players has also increased during the past decade. In fact there are a few sites catering exclusively to male players. In the UK bingo, both land based and online, is a favorite leisure activity and is the second most popular leisure activity nationwide. Most sociologists consider bingo to be an ingrained part of British culture.

For most bingo players high stakes games and the ability to win large amounts of money are secondary considerations. Entertainment and the chance to socialize with friends and other players are the most important aspects of the game for most players. Internet bingo players are encouraged to use chat rooms and chat during games. In live bingo halls talking during a game would draw the ire of other players. Bingo chat rooms foster a sense of community among players. Chat rooms are also important for player loyalty and retention. Some chat leaders have achieved legendary cult status among internet bingo players and operators know that a popular chat leader is worth their weight in gold. Bingo chat rooms have a language all their own and make extensive use of abbreviations. New players are welcomed and learn the language quickly with the help of other players. The recent addition of webcams to some bingo chat rooms has taken online participation in bingo games to a whole new level undreamed of only a few short years ago.

Because of the sense of community most internet bingo players tend to visit the sites where their friends play. The high player retention rate makes internet bingo sites particularly attractive to affiliate marketers who are eager to take advantage of the revenue share commissions offered by bingo operators.  So far internet bingo has been recession resistant attracting the attention of affiliates and media marketers. Internet bingo has created hundreds of new jobs for marketers and advertising professionals. Internet bingo has characteristics attractive to affiliates; player loyalty, regular game participation and a high conversion rate. The affiliate conversion rate for internet bingo is significantly higher than other forms of igaming. New bingo sites spring up almost weekly and there are now over 400 internet bingo sites competing for players resulting in unheard of bingo bonuses and player incentives.