Mom’s Ashes Stolen From Bingo Player- Mysteriously Returned

Bingo may be a random game of chance but in spite of scientific facts most bingo players bring a wide assortment of ‘lucky’ charms with them to bingo games. Internet bingo players are not immune from such superstitions and keep various objects in front of their computers when they play. Statistics show that three quarters of all bingo players use some sort of lucky charms. Good luck charms can be special jewelry, teddy bears, lucky daubers, dice, rabbit’s feet, gemstones and many other items. Some players at live bingo halls have lucky seats and will get highly irritated if they find another player occupying ‘their’ seat. There is an unwritten rule at bingo halls that lucky charms must be displayed in the open for all to see. Other players will swear by lucky numbers and will try to purchase cards containing as many lucky numbers as possible.


One bingo player in Rochester had a highly unusual lucky charm. Diane Bozzi loved to play bingo with her mother and the two played regularly for decades. Before her mother died in 2002 she suggested that Diane carry some of her ashes to bingo games for luck and Diane promised to do so. Diane always carried some of her mother’s ashes with her when she attended local bingo games. One night Diane had her mother’s ashes tucked safely in her bingo bag. Unfortunately that night a thief was ransacking parked cars. The local police had reported a rash of thefts from cars and Bozzi’s car was broken into. The heartless thief stole Diane’s mother ashes along with the rest of the bingo bag’s contents. Diane described the incident and told reporters “And I looked in the back seat and saw my bingo bag was gone, and that’s where all my paraphernalia was, and my mother was in that bag because I was planning on going to the senior bingo that day.”


Diane made a heartfelt plea for the thief to return her mother’s ashes. In her plea Diane said that the ashes enabled her to fulfill a promise she had made to her now deceased mother.  Diane’s words must have had an effect on the thief. Sometime between Monday night and Tuesday morning the ashes were returned to Bozzi. So far the thief has not been caught and police continue to investigate the thefts. If Ms. Bozzi wants to avoid future incidents she should try playing internet bingo from the comfort and safety of her own home.