Play Football Bingo

For most guys watching football if somewhat of an annual ritual and viewing a foot ball game can be an all consuming experience. Wives have coined the term ‘football widow’ to refer to those days when all the men sit in front of the TV ignoring everything going on around them. A touchdown can prompt screams of or groans of agony when the other team scores. One company, OneUpGame’s, is betting that sports fans will be willing to add another social layer to the games they love.

The Florida based company is launching a line of sports games that follow the live action on the field. The new games add a unique twist to the sports viewing experienced since the games are based on live sporting events rather than after the fact game analysis. The games do not rely on predictions of upcoming plays and results. In an interview OneUp CEO Daren Trousdell said “If you think about the social sports gaming space, fantasy sports is all post-game focused, but we’re trying to set up a visceral competitive experience that is an actual companion to the game you’re watching.” In July the company released its first offering, Baseball Connect. Football Connect, which was released in October, has helped OneUp to gain popularity with social media minded sports fans.

The new online bingo like game is available for iPhones, ipads, and iPod touch. Football Connect features 32 NFL teams and is a bingo like game based on actual NFL games. A 16-tile square board contains a selection of plays that may happen during a game. Examples include a field goal, a pass completion of over ten years and a pass completion by a specific player. The goal is for players to connect four game tiles in a row while accumulating points during rounds. Less likely events receive more game points. The application contains a game tracking feature so fans can follow football scores statistics not related to Football Connect while communicating with other game users.

Trousdell stated that while Football Connect and other OneUp games represent a new step in sports gaming. The products pick up on what sports fans have been doing with social media for years. Trousdell stated “During games, people are always texting with friends and tweeting with team-specific hashtags. But so far there’s been no centralized place to contain that experience and that’s what we can do.” Trousdell said that there are already about 10,000 users and out of those that try the games over 50% return to play some more. The game has been monetized and Trousdell said the game is now generating revenue. In 2012 the company plans to add more sports and platforms and will offer prizes like free jerseys to winners.  Trousdell defined the company’s goals and said “Ultimately what we want to do is define the social sports space. We can be the go-to social sports network, making live sports more fun and increasing the connections between fans. What ESPN is to sports content, we want to be to social sports and sports internet gambling.”