Is Internet Bingo Really Fair ?

For internet gamblers game fairness is of paramount importance. Players want to make sure they aren’t being cheated and internet bingo players are no exception. Determining the fairness of a bingo game is more difficult in an online environment than it is in a live bingo hall. In live bingo games the caller selects the balls from the bingo machine. Usually bingo machines contain a specific number of colored balls; 75 for traditional American style games and 90 for British bingo games. The balls are mixed in the machine’s mixing chamber and are then drawn into a vacuum tube. The balls are of equal weight giving each individual ball the same chance to be drawn keeping the game fair and random. If the balls were not of equal weight some numbers would be drawn more than other and players would be sure to notice any discrepancies.

Internet bingo games use a random number generator. To ensure fairness random number generators are tested. In some licensing jurisdictions random number generators are tested by a government agency. Many internet bingo operators have their games tested by private firms that specialize in testing internet gambling games. The random number generator combined with other software simulates the actions of the bingo machine and caller. Most reputable internet bingo sites have their games tested regularly and will list the agencies or firms doing the testing. Trade associations also conduct test and certify games. In most licensing jurisdictions games must meet strict standards for fairness.

Many players having a run of bad luck may thing games are rigged but that is simply not the case at a majority of internet bingo sites. Bingo is a business and operators go to great lengths to maintain their online reputations. Many internet bingo companies are listed on global stock exchanges making fairness even more important. Bingo operators engaging in dishonest behavior would be quickly put out of business. Reputable bingo sites submit to software tests and audits and are then sanctioned by various watchdog agencies when they conform to acceptable business practices.

Players should look for banners and logos from testing agencies to make sure the site conforms to acceptable standards. For players unsure about the reputation and honesty of the various testing agencies and companies a huge amount of information is available on the internet and a quick Google search will reveal all the information a player needs to know to make an informed decision.