Mobile Phone Users Complacent About Cyber Security Says McAfee

Mobile bingo is the fastest growing sector of the internet bingo industry. Since the first smart phone bingo apps were launched players have flocked to mobile bingo in droves. The sudden popularity of mobile bingo should come as no surprise. Mobile bingo enables players to enjoy bingo games wherever they happen to be when the mood strikes them. In the UK it is now common to see people playing mobile bingo on buses and commuter trains and subways. Mobile players can win the same jackpots and can take advantage of all of the promotions and bingo bonuses offered by internet bingo sites. Players can even use text messaging to participate in internet bingo chat rooms.

Many mobile bingo players have a false sense of security when it comes to smart phones according to a recent report by internet security company McAfee. About 70% of all smart phone owners said they considered their mobile devices to be safe from hackers and cyber criminals according to a recent report released by the National Cyber-Security Alliance and McAfee. Although the report was consumer oriented thwe report provides some insight on how smart phone users could impact the digital infrastructure in several countries.

Almost 70% of respondents said they had not installed any security programs on their smart phones. The same group also said they had not installed any data protection applications. Respondents said they considered their mobile devices to be safe from cyber threats, data theft and malware. In a statement McAfee pointed out the complacency of most mobile users and said “Taking extra precautions to protect smart phones from virus attacks and other threats is not common practice for U.S. consumers as most feel their devices are safe enough.” The lack of mobile security is worrisome especially to some employers who use mobile devices to access work related emails and files. Although an employee may own the smart phone corporate information on the employee’s phone is a serious security threat.

McAfee said hackers and data thieves are continuously developing new programs to compromise data stored on smart phones. Internet bingo players without protection could find their bingo accounts compromised. Only 26% of smart phone owners said they took the time to read the developer’s policies when downloading an application. Almost 50% of the respondents said they had removed an application because of security concerns. McAfee strongly recommends that users thoroughly understand the applications they download. There have already been instanced of malware attacks against mobile phones.

A study by Consumer Reports found that 24 percent of smart phone users stored computer and banking passwords on their smart phones. If the phone is stolen the thief can easily harvest sensitive data. McAfee recommends the use of strong pass codes to lock the phone and users should also create long and strong passwords.