Bingo Operator Offers Generous Incentive to Find New Location

Rank Group, which operates the Mecca chain of bingo halls in the United Kingdom, is looking for opportunities to expand. Rank has been in talks with another well known bingo hall operator Gala in a bid to acquire Gala’s casino operations. Last year Malaysia based Genting bought a controlling stake in Rank and has been involved in many casino deals around the world. Currently Genting is trying to get permission from the Florida legislature in the United States to build a mega resort and casino in Miami. Recently Rank posted some very positive figures for 2011 and the company expects further growth in 2012.

The recent growth is the result of a highly successful marketing strategy by Rank and Mecca to attract young casual players. Rank says that most of the growth can be credited to 60,000 new players at the company’s Mecca bingo halls. Most of the new players are from the 25 to 35 age bracket. In Southampton big bucks to members of the public that can help the company find a venue for a new Mecca bingo hall. Mecca wants to open a new female friendly bingo hall in Shirley. The company recently sold Mecca’s 855 seat Portswood bingo hall to a local church. Mecca wants to return to Southampton and recover the club’s 35,000 members. How these approaches will translate to the world of online bingo remains to be seen.

Mecca is willing to pay a generous finder’s fee to anyone who can help the company find the right venue for its new bingo hall. So far property agents have not been able to help and advertisements have not been effective. Mecca has said that the ideal venue would be in a retail or leisure park. The venue must have 150 parking spaces and a 30,000 square foot floor. Mecca said the new club will create 50 new jobs in the area. Mecca bingo manager Mark Jones told local reporters “We are actively seeking a new location in Southampton as we are keen to open one of our new-look leisure venues in the area. Not only will it bring much-needed employment opportunities to the area but it will also offer locals a new female-friendly sociable gaming concept which is an attractive alternative to standard leisure activities such as the cinema or going to the pub.”

Mecca is willing to pay a finder’s fee of thousands of pounds, for “successful introductions” that lead to a deal for the new hall. In addition to bingo halls throughout the UK Mecca has been a major player in the internet bingo industry. Mecca launched their internet bingo operations shortly after the passage of a National Smoking ban as a survival strategy. Today things seem to be looking up for the bingo industry, and further expansion is expected throughout 2012 – especially with sites like Fabulous Bingo, who are stepping up their promotions in a big way.