Do Bingo Sites Use ‘Ghost Players’ ?

At many internet bingo sites there seem to be a few players that seem to win all the time. Naturally this raises the suspicions of other players. Many players call these frequent winners ‘ghost players.’ In gamblers jargon ghost players are the same as ‘house players’ or ‘shills’ at online poker and gambling sites. Ghost players win with a frequency that is hard for other players to believe possible and many players believe that internet bingo sites use ghost players to avoid paying out big jackpots to real players. Internet bingo blogs and forums are full of complaints about ghost players and unfortunately some bingo sites have been caught using nonexistent ghost players. The use of ghost players has led many players to believe that games are rigged. There are a few things players can do to ferret out ghost players and the sites that use them.

Players should check the winners list that is published on most internet bingo sites. Most sites also list the amounts that have been won. If one player appears to be lucky beyond belief it is probably better to look for another internet bingo site.

Chat rooms are a good place to look for ghost players. If the suspected player is in the chat room players should try to engage them in topical conversation. This is a sure way to find out if another player is actually a real person. If a player is constantly in a chat room and never leaves or interacts with other players it should raise suspicions. Players should report suspected ghost players to the chat moderator and see if the moderator replies. If there is no response it is better to leave and play at another bingo site.

Players should always check a site’s reputation. Most legitimate bingo sites are subject to testing to make sure that the random number generator meets the standards of the licensing body. Most internet bingo sites post this information prominently on the home page. Be sure to check the reputation of the licensing jurisdiction. Most have strict rules and regulations but a few have very lax enforcement and testing.  Legitimate licensing jurisdictions would never tolerate the use of ghost players.

Most internet bingo operators go to great lengths to guard their reputation for fairness and honesty. Rogue operators do not last long and word spreads very quickly among players. Fortunately the chances of encountering a ghost player are very slim.