Standalone vs. Networked Online Bingo Sites

The success of internet bingo has been stunning. The first internet bingo sites appeared in 1996 and since then over 400 bingo sites have come online making it one of the largest sectors of the internet gambling industry. Players have many options and essentially there are two types of internet bingo sites; standalone operations and networked bingo sites. For investors wanting to enter the lucrative online bingo industry networked bingo sites can offer a turnkey solution. Each type of bingo site has its own advantages and disadvantages.

A standalone bingo site is independent and all responsibilities for operation, marketing, customer service and deposits and withdrawals are the sole responsibility of the site’s owners. Although the standalone site may share the same software with other bingo sites the operator has more control over the site and maintains an exclusive database of players that is not shared. Standalone bingo sites have some advantages for players. Instead of repetitive offers standalone operators must create their own bingo bonuses and promotions. Since industry competition is so keen standalone bingo operators must try harder to attract and retain players. In most cases standalone bingo sites are well capitalized.

As the name implies networked bingo sites are part of a network of bingo sites that share software, marketing, a player base, promotions and bonuses. They are a part of one large group of bingo sites. In some cases when a player registers at a networked bingo site the same username and password allows them to access any site in the network. Games and chat rooms are linked and can handle more players than standalone bingo sites. Networked sites have a clear advantage for investors with limited capital. Networked sites offer a turnkey operation for investors. The network is responsible for providing game software,  marketing, banking, graphics and bonus and promotions. The player base is shared at networked bingo sites. Deposits at networked sites are credited to the individual site owners and the network takes a percentage for handling transactions. A networked bingo site can give investors a stronger start among older established sites.

In many cases it is impossible to tell a networked bingo site from a standalone one. Both offer excellent games and formats. For players that are after bigger jackpots Networked sites would be best. For those looking for original and unique promotions that are outside the mainstream standalone sites are best. In most cases it is difficult to tell the difference between the two types of sites while playing. Both have something to offer but ultimately the choice is up to the player.