The Top British Bingo Hotspots

For decades bingo has been considered an integral part of British culture. During the Great War British Tommies played bingo games to while away the time between bombardments and attacks in the trenches. In fact bingo was one of the few gambling games approved by military authorities at the time. Bingo really came into its own after World War Two when the game was played in holiday camps that were popular during the postwar years. Today Great Britain is the world’s largest bingo market and has the largest internet bingo industry in the world. Although land based bingo has suffered a number of setbacks in recent years it is still popular with millions of Britons. Here are the most popular places to play bingo in the UK.

Obviously London is first on the list. The city boasts over a dozen bingo clubs. B UK bingo giants Mecca and Gala have a prominent presence in London and there are several independent bingo halls. The London Palace sits stop the Elephant & Castle Shopping Centre and is reputed to be the same size as Wembley Stadium’s football pitch. The hall can seat 2,000 bingo players comfortably and is probably the largest bingo hall in the country. Some London bingo players say that the Tooting Gala Bingo Hall, housed in a former cinema, has the most beautiful interior of any bingo hall in the world.

Brighton has been a popular seaside resort since Victorian days. Although some of the older bingo venues have shut down there is still plenty of bingo action to be found in this resort city. The Beacon Bingo hall is an example of an independent bingo operation that has managed to survive both the smoking ban and the global recession. Gala also operates a bingo hall in Brighton.

Scotland is the land of haggis, ancient volcanoes and bingo halls. Edinburgh is Scotland’s bingo hotspot and the city has two Mecca bingo halls, three Gala halls and a few independent bingo operations. The most famous bingo hall in Edinburgh is the Premier Bingo hall located on Nicholson Street.

Manchester has a thriving bingo scene. The city has several old bingo halls and is home to the impressive Club 3000 at Arndale Shopping Centre.

Many bingo halls in the UK have revamped their operations to attract younger players. Many bingo halls now feature live entertainment and bars in addition to bingo games. Several bingo clubs have added a huge selection of modern slot and fruit machines that are extremely popular with young players. Many of the new slot games have skill based features that resemble video games so popular with young players. For those that do not live near a bingo hall there are over 300 internet bingo sites targeting the UK audience. Games take place 24/7 and many feature impressive jackpots. The National Bingo Game which can be played at several bingo halls has produced a few bingo millionaires. The survival of this popular game seems assured in the UK.