Zynga CEO Defends Company, Business Practices

Last week social gaming company released their much awaited online bingo game to a limited audience on Facebook. Almost immediately reports surfaced accusing Zynga of ripping off a rival company’s existing bingo game. Buffalo Studios said that Zynga’s bingo app was the same as Buffalo Studio’s ‘Bingo Blitz’ game which has over 1 million daily users on Facebook. Copying another game developer’s concepts is nothing new in the gaming industry and over the years there have been many accusations and lawsuits over game copying. Zynga’s CEO Mark Pincus has stepped forward to defend the company and its business practices.

Pincus defended the company’s actions in a memo obtained by Forbes magazine. In the memo Pincus stated “Google didn’t create the first search engine. Apple didn’t create the first MP3 player or tablet. And, Facebook didn’t create the first social network,” Pincus points out. “But these companies have evolved products and categories in revolutionary ways. They are all internet treasures because they all have specific and broad missions to change the world. We don’t need to be first to market. We need to be the best in market. There are genres that we’re going to enter because we know our players are interested in them and because we want and need to be where players are. We evolve genres by making games free, social, accessible and highest quality.” According to Forbes Pincus said “I don’t want f***ing innovation. You’re not smarter than your competitor. Just copy what they do and do it until you get their numbers.”

Zynga remains unfazed by the controversy surrounding its internet bingo game on Facebook. Zynga’s bingo game is similar to most online bingo games and is played in real time on Facebook with friends or strangers. When accessing the game players will be able to see what bingo rooms their friends are in and will be able to compete against each other simultaneously. Zynga launched the game to a limited audience and the company stated “Right now, we’re only letting a limited number of people into the game to make sure our players are getting a primo, Zynga Bingo experience, before officially open the floodgates.” In addition to the launch of the new internet bingo game news reports indicate that Zynga is searching for partners to enter the world of real money gaming. Zynga’s poker game has been a big hit and the company believes that it can be a winner in the internet gambling industry.