Zynga Launches New Bingo Game on Facebook

After a few weeks of beta testing on Facebook San Francisco game developer Zynga has finally released its latest internet bingo game on Facebook. Zynga has finally announced the launch of Zynga bingo. The game was launched within Zynga’s casino franchise Zynga Casino and is now available to all Facebook users. Zynga bingo is similar to other online bingo games and can be played in real time with Facebook friends. Like any typical bingo game numbers are called out randomly and players attempt to match five in a row or all four corners of their bingo cards to win. The game also has a chat feature.

Like most games at internet bingo sites Zynga bingo features several themed bingo rooms including Vegas Lights where random numbers shoot out of a classic Cadillac, Pirate’s Paradise which features a pirate’s chest, gold coins and the typical treasure chest and Farmville Bounty, named after the wildly popular Zynga game Farmville. FarmVille Bounty features scenes from the popular game and players earn tickets and coins that can be used to unlock other game features. Zynga’s new bingo game is the first new addition to the Zynga Casino franchise which was launched in 2007 and has 35 million regular monthly users.

During the coming weeks Zynga Bingo players will be able to see what gaming rooms their friends are in; Zynga Bingo or Zynga Poker. Zynga’s launch of the new internet bingo game has not been without controversy. Game developer Buffalo Studios said that Zynga’s bingo game is actually a clone of their popular Bingo Blitz game on Facebook. Vice president of product marketing and operations at Santa Monica, Calif.-based Buffalo Studios, Salim Mith, told interviewers from PC Mag “We wanted to let the technology and gaming community know that Zynga continues in their practice of blatantly copying other successful games. From the self-proclaimed industry leader we should expect more than a series of blatant rip-offs.”

This is not the first time Zynga has been accused of ripping off the games of other studios. Psycho Monkey, the creators of Mob Wars successfully sued Zynga for copying their game. The lawsuit was settled out of court for between $7 to 9 million. In an interview a Zynga employee said that Zynga CEO Mark Pincus told him to “copy what [Zynga’s competitors] do and do it until you get their numbers.” While the controversy rages millions are expected to play Zynga’s new internet bingo game on Facebook.