Bingo-Gambling or Not ?

Many people see bingo as a harmless game and do not consider it to be gambling. Others say that sine bingo is a random game of chance it fits the classic definition of gambling. Some bingo players say that bingo is different from most card and casino games since wagers are limited to card costs. The fact that most children play bingo gives it a wholesome image that games like poker and blackjack do not have.  Some argue that since money changes hands bingo is gambling. The game’s long association with churches and charities makes it socially acceptable to everyone except the most hardened anti-gambling activists.

What is the real definition of gambling? According to Wikipedia gambling is ‘the wagering of money or something of material value on an event with an uncertain outcome with the intent of winning money or material goods.’ Within the confines of this definition anything game played in a casino no matter how much money is involved can be considered as gambling. The definition also applies to online games because bets are taken with the intent of winning more money. According to a strict interpretation of this definition online bingo is definitely gambling.

Bingo players purchase bingo cards with the intention of winning more than the card’s cost. Bingo is very similar to sweepstakes and lottery games. In face bingo started out as an Italian lottery style game over five hundred years ago. Players buy a card and can wing large sums of money which is the classic template of all gambling. So why do so many people feel that bingo is not gambling? One reason is that bingo is unlike any game found in casinos or slots parlors. For most people casinos represent gambling without bingo. It is hard for most people to imaging bingo as a casino game.

The amount of money that can be won can affect people’s perceptions. In casinos large amounts of money are won often but huge bingo jackpots are rare at most bingo halls. Until recently prize amounts for bingo games were relatively small. Bingo is also a very inexpensive game to play and it is hard to imagine anyone losing the mortgage money at a bingo hall. On the other hand players can lose their entire life savings during one evening at a Las Vegas casino. Gambling or not, bingo is a game enjoyed by millions around the world.