Bingo Tournaments-A Quick Overview

In the UK bingo is big business. Over three million Britons play bingo regularly and the industry employs tens of thousands of people. The UK has one of the largest regulated internet bingo markets in the world and the industry generates billions every year. In face internet bingo has been partially responsible for an increase of the number of players at live bingo halls. Most of the new players are young and learned the game online and decided to try the land based version of the game. The bingo industry has noticed these younger players and some bingo operators have revamped their clubs to appeal to the new group of young players.

For many bingo is the most exciting game out there but even the most avid bingo players’ gets bored occasionally. To relieve that boredom many land based bingo halls and internet bingo sites host bingo tournaments. Since tournaments are still relatively rare many players may not be familiar with how they work.

Bingo Tournaments are very easy to understand and the rules are very simple and easy to understand. The tournament games are the same as any other bingo games and anyone that knows how to play bingo can participate in a tournament without receiving any special instructions. Bingo Tournaments are a series of bingo games played in a row as part of a tournament. Players are awarded points for each game they win and the winner is the player who has accumulated the largest number of points. If more than one player wins a game the points are divided between both players.

Most internet bingo sites host regular tournaments. Some of the major internet bingo operators actually host daily bingo tournaments. Generally online bingo tournaments take place during a weekend or long holidays. The games usually have larger jackpots than usual and in many cases the cards for tournament games are more expensive. Usually there is no entry fee for internet bingo tournaments. Some bingo sites will host free bingo tournaments as part of a promotion.

Land based bingo halls also host tournaments. At most live bingo halls players are charged an entry fee for tournaments. Brick and mortar bingo halls must pay for the expenses associated with running a hall and a part of every entry fee goes towards the prize pool. Some bingo tournaments use special card patterns for variety. Some tournaments have huge cash jackpots and tournaments at networked bingo halls can have life changing jackpots.

In many cases bingo tournaments have special rules and it is always a good idea to understand the rules before entering any tournament.