Can I Strategize My Online Bingo Game?

Bingo is, first and foremost, a game of chance. Written into its very essence is the notion of equality-of-opportunity via random numbers. Disclaimer notwithstanding, there are certain things you can do to maximize your winning potential (although by no means maximize your potential winnings). These things are more to do with your approach to the game than what you do during the game (which, as we’ve learned, is essentially a lottery).

Bingo Card


Picking the right bingo site is the first order of business. With so many out there to choose from, even narrowing down the options can be mind-boggling. Look for a game that’s free to enter, but still offers a reasonable jackpot. Many sites require some sort of deposit.


In this regard, Costa Bingo is one of the best offers around. A new, free game – open to non-members without registration – starts every three minutes. Costa operates a ‘progressive jackpot’, in which a portion of each ticket sold is collected and paid out to the first player to mark a pre-ordained pattern. Because the progressive jackpot keeps rolling over until someone wins, there is potential for some large prizes. As well as the free games and promotions, the bingo bonuses at Costa Bingo make it well worth a look for the casual player wanting to test the waters without committing money.


Intuition might tell you to look for the next game offering the highest progressive jackpot. This is not the best strategy, however. The bigger the jackpot grows, the more players are likely to be attracted to that game, creating more competition (and less chance for you to be a single winner). If you want to win a big prize (or else nothing at all), by all means go for the highest jackpot games. If you’d rather maximize your chances of winning a small prize, play in a room with fewer players and a smaller jackpot.


The beauty of online bingo is the ability to mark multiple cards without losing track. The automatic daubing possible online puts the old bingo halls – where you had to concentrate like a fiend if you had any more than two cards – in the shade. At places like Costa Bingo and their online rivals, you never need to risk missing a number. Follow the link for more information on bingo rules and strategy and finally, good luck!