Chat Room Expectations and Rules

Chat rooms are one of the most popular and used feature at internet bingo sites. Each individual online bingo game has its own chat room and players are encouraged to participate. New players are always greeted by chat leaders and chat leaders are so important to the success of a bingo site that annual industry awards are given to the most popular chat leaders. Friendships formed in internet bingo chat rooms often lead to real life meetings and in a few cases marriage. Most internet bingo chat rooms are full of humor and lively banter. Players congratulate each other in their wins and the competition remains friendly in most cases. Chat leaders are there to make sure that conversations remain civil and are also charged with enforcing certain standards of behavior. There are several unwritten rules that players are expected to follow and here are a few of these rules.

Players should always choose a screen name that is appropriate and does not offend other players. Inappropriate screen names will cause other players to pre judge the character of players with offensive names making it harder for them to make friends.

The chat leader, or monitor, also called the CM is there to make sure that the internet bingo experience is rewarding and pleasant to everyone. Chat leaders should be treated with respect and deference. Occasionally chat leaders will type in all capital letters to distinguish themselves from other players. For players typing in all caps is considered ‘yelling’ and is considered impolite.

Using foul language and displaying hostile behavior is not tolerated. In fact it can get players kicked out of a game and the card costs will not be refunded.

It is considered highly inappropriate for any player to impersonate another player in a chat room.

Players should always congratulate winners and display sportsmanship at all times. No one likes a sore loser.

Advertising other businesses and internet bingo sites is strictly prohibited. Advertising another bingo site is a good way to get an account closed.

Gossiping about other players is not acceptable.

Soliciting loans from other players is strictly prohibited at most internet bingo sites.

These rules and expectations are in place for a very good reason. They ensure that all players will have the best internet bingo experience possible and promote civility. Chat room rules are easy to follow for most players and politeness is second nature for most bingo players.