Internet Bingo Turn Offs

There are a lot of articles out there that document the reasons internet bingo players will choose one bingo site over another. During the last five or six years industry competition has made the industry a player’s market and to survive internet bingo operators must cater to the desires of players. While player attraction is an important factor for any operator player retention is even more important. Internet bingo has the highest player retention rate of any sector of the online gambling industry. Customer service has never been more important and most bingo operators go out of their way to provide players with excellent customer service. What are the factors that will cause players to leave a bingo site? There are several and most of them could be easily remedied.

In a recent survey of internet bingo players the largest number said that restrictive wagering requirements would cause them to take their business elsewhere. Most internet bingo sites offer generous sign up bonuses and promotional bonuses. These always come with wagering requirements that vary from site to site. Some wagering requirements are so onerous that they render any bonus worthless. In most cases bonus money cannot be withdrawn until players have wagered a certain amount. For example players may be required to wager ten times the amount of their original deposit plus bonuses before any winnings may be withdrawn. Wagering requirements can usually be found in the FAQ section or on the terms and conditions page at internet bingo sites. Vague terms and conditions can spell trouble for players and if these are encountered it is probable better to look elsewhere.

Difficult and slow withdrawals ranked high on the list of bingo turn offs. Some operators seem to make the withdrawal process as difficult as possible. Some operators have limits on the amount that can be withdrawn. For players that have won hundreds of even thousands slow withdrawals can be irritating and downright agonizing. Fortunately internet bingo sites licensed in the EU must adhere to strict regulations and many have streamlined the withdrawal process to avoid complaints.

Unfriendly and rude chat roomies are another reason players will leave a bingo site. No one likes grumpy people and most players don’t appreciate sarcasm and rudeness. Most reputable bingo sites screen and train chat hosts thoroughly and a good chat hose can make a world of difference. Poorly and unimpressive chat hosts were also cited as a serious turn off.

Crowded bingo rooms are unpopular with some players. Crowded bingo rooms can be avoided by playing during the daytime and avoiding weekends. Games for high stakes will always be crowded but the jackpots can be life changing. These were the turn offs cited by most of the players surveyed. Most internet bingo players probably have their own pet peeves that are not listed here but all bingo players have one thing in common; a love of internet bingo!