New Slingo Game Combines Bingo and Slots

Players that love internet bingo and slots are in for a real treat! Game developer Zynga announced a partnership with Slingo which has been popular for years. Zynga’s version is a remake of the classic game with a few new twists. Slingo is basically a combination of slots and bingo. Zynga product manager Rich Sawel told interviewers “What we have done is we have Zyngafied it. And we’ve brought it to the social space.”  Zynga is a publically traded company that is a leading social gaming developer and has several games on Facebook. Recently Facebook went public and the initial public offering was one of the hottest since Google went public.

Zynga has developed its own platform which is independent of Facebook although most users still access the company’s games through Facebook. Slingo was one of the first online games to emerge and was launched in 1995. Since then over 55 million people have played Slingo online. The game features characters such as The Slingo Joker, Super Joker, Cherub and Devil. The new Zynga version has introduced some new features involving the classic characters such as “The Friend Joker” where players can make the joker become one of their Facebook friends. Players can interact with the Devil which offers a coin toss. If players get ‘tails’ they lose all of their points. On the other hand if they get heads (which is the Slingo Cherub) their score will skyrocket.

Zynga has made other improvements to the game. The game has spectacular sound effects including the sound of bells ringing and coins dropping which should be very familiar to anyone who has even visited a casino. Zynga Slingo has several layers with five worlds with nine stages through which players can progress while playing the game. A speed bar allows experienced players to accumulate more points rapidly. The company will be analyzing the game’s usage and wants direct player feedback so that Zynga can develop more game layers. According to Zynga Slingo will be evolving to keep players interested. Zynga’s Sawel is optimistic about the new online casino Slingo game and stated “We really love the ‘click-Zen’ of this particular game. It’s relaxing, especially after a long day at work.”

Currently Zynga has five of the most widely used game applications on Facebook. Zynga games include Farmville, CityVille, CastleVille, Zynga Poker, Empires and Allies and Slingo. Currently CityVille has 46 million regular users. Earlier in the year Zynga launched its much awaited online Bingo game on Facebook.