Online Bingo Card Purchasing Methods

Online bingo provides players with the ultimate in convenience. The only thing needed to play online bingo is an internet connection or an internet capable mobile device such as a smart phone. Online bingo operators have gone to great lengths to make sure everything is as easy as possible for players. At most bingo sites games are powered by flash technology and no time consuming downloads are required.

Before playing any internet bingo game players must purchase bingo cards or tickets. In the UK 90 ball cards are referred to as bingo ‘tickets.’ The most common way of selecting cards is by clicking on the cards one by one. This method is somewhat time consuming but allows superstitious players to select cards with their ‘lucky’ numbers. Players using ‘lucky’ numbers are limited to selecting their cards manually. If a player selects the wrong card they can reselect by clicking on the card and reselecting the card of their choice. Players should always remember that switching cards must be done before hitting the ‘buy’ or ‘purchase’ button. Once purchased the cards cannot be exchanged for any reason.

Many online bingo sites offer a quick pick option. Players using the quick pick option can purchase a set of bingo cards with one click. Players select the number of cards they want to purchase and hit the ‘buy’ button. Many sites have a ‘max bingo cards’ option where players can purchase the maximum amount of cards allowed in each game. Some quick pick features have a numbered drop down bar with numbers on it and players click on the number of cards they want to purchase. In most cases the quick pick option is very user friendly and is self-explanatory.

Players can also pre buy cards for specific bingo games. Many online bingo sites allow players to pre buy cards on their smart phones. This means an office worker can purchase cards on his or her lunch hour for a game later in the day or evening. The good thing about this feature is that players do not have to be present when the game is played. The site’s software will do all of the work and players can check to see if they won at any time. Any winnings will automatically be credited to the player’s account. These purchasing options are designed to make everything as easy and convenient as possible for players.