Some Interesting Bingo Statistics

Players look for several things when selecting an internet bingo site. Flashy graphics and amusing animations are designed to catch the eyes of players but studies have shown that these are ineffective when it comes to enticing players to sign up and make that first deposit. For most players the signup bonus is the most important factor influencing their decision making process when selecting an internet bingo site. Internet bingo operators know this and are offering bigger bonuses than ever. Experts say that players should always check the wagering requirements before accepting any bonus offer. Restrictive wagering requirements are the chief reason players leave bingo sites and take their business elsewhere. In some cases wagering requirements can render the most generous bonus worthless so it is always a good idea to read and understand all of the wagering requirements before signing up.

A referral from a family member or a close friend is another factor that can influence players to sign up at a certain internet bingo site. The friend already has had experience playing at the site and has dealt with the deposit and withdrawal processes giving the new player confidence that he or she is playing at a reputable bingo site. Difficult withdrawal processes can lead to the loss of players. In the not so distant past some offshore sites made it as difficult as possible for players to withdraw their winnings. Slow withdrawals and limits on the amount that can be withdrawn will lead to a loss of many players. Since the internet bingo industry is highly competitive most reputable bingo sites have made the withdrawal process as quick and easy as possible.  Internet bingo has an incredibly high player retention rate and internet bingo operators want to keep it that way and will bend over backwards to accommodate players.

Mobile technology has been a big hit with internet bingo players. A recent survey showed that about 57% of all players do not own a smart phone, 26% have Android phones, 8% own iPhones and 9% own blackberries. Players showed a marked preference for different technologies. 61% of all internet bingo players use laptop computers or notebooks to play bingo. 23% said they still used desktop computers, 9% used tablet devices, 4% used iPhones and 3% use Android phones. Several top bingo sites have launched mobile applications and the number of mobile bingo players is rapidly increasing. Most of the technical limitations have been addressed and experts say that mobile bingo will be the fastest growing sector of the internet bingo industry.