Why Do Bingo Players Choose One Site Over Another ?

Marketers have done extensive research for the online bingo industry. Although hard statistics are hard to come by there have been several player surveys and the British government regularly conducts research on the gambling industry in the UK. Internet bingo enjoys extensive popularity in Great Britain and is the largest sector of the internet gaming industry in the country. One survey showed that between October and December of 2011 a total of 6,200,100 cash bingo games were played in the UK and total bingo wagers amounted to £243,243,978. ($382,661,151.73 USD) The estimated number of unique players was 463,982. It is plain to see that internet bingo is big business in the UK. Currently there are about four hundred internet bingo sites competing for players. What factors cause players to select one bingo site over another? One recent survey answered this question and said there are five reasons that influence player decisions.

The size of sign up bonuses was cited as the chief factor that a player will choose one site over another. Thanks to industry competition sign up bonuses are more generous than ever. Most bingo sites award bonuses based on a percentage of a player’s first deposit. Today sign up bonuses can be 300% to 600%. Of course there are several restrictions placed on the use of bonus money. Bonus money cannot be withdrawn but at many sites jackpots won using bonus money can be withdrawn. There are usually wagering requirements associated with bonus offers. Some sites require players to deposit a fixed amount before the bingo bonuses are awarded. Players should always read and understand all of the terms and conditions associated with any bonus offers.

Website recommendations and referrals from friends and family are one of the chief factors influencing the decision making process. There are many independent bingo review sites offering accurate information about most internet bingo sites. Referrals from friends and family are important because they come from someone with actual experience at the bingo site.

Television advertising was also a factor. In the UK internet bingo operators spend millions of pounds each year to advertise their goods and services. In fact in the UK there is hardly a commercial break without an advertisement for an internet bingo site and some major operators sponsor shows popular with women.  Each of these factors or a combination are important to players selecting their first bingo site.