An Introduction to Mobile Casinos

When the first internet casinos were launched in the early 90’s they were the biggest thing to hit the gambling world since the invention of playing cards. Online casinos were an instant hit and within a few years were generating billions in annual revenues for internet casinos. Now a major technological revolution is taking place in the internet gaming business. Online casinos are now offering mobile applications to players. Mobile casino games are a lot like internet games but many have been simplified for smart phone use. Players can find internet and mobile bingo, poker, blackjack, roulette, and many other casino games. At some casinos there are progressive jackpot slots that can payout millions.

Players wanting to play casino games on their mobile devices must first make sure that the game applications are compatible with their mobile phones. What is surprising is that the older phones are capable of accessing more casinos. There are several options available to mobile gamblers including Androids, iPhones, iPads, blackberries, Symbian and many others. Many mobile review sites have popped up and these can be great sources of information for new mobile gamers. Players can find out if their mobiles are compatible with various casino applications. The internet bingo sector has taken advantage of the new technologies and most bingo sites offer mobile apps to players.

Mobile players can take advantage of all of the bonuses and player incentives offered to computer players. Most internet bingo sites and casinos offer very generous bonuses to new players making their first deposit. Some mobile casinos offer ne deposit bonuses to new players. As always players should read and understand all of the terms and conditions and wagering requirements associated with any bonus offer. All of the popular games found at Las Vegas casinos can be played on mobile phones.

There are hundreds of games available for iPhone users. Most accept real money bets and payout real money. IPhone casino games are controlled with a touch screen that is easy to use. Currently slots are the most popular IPhone games.

The popularity of Apple’s iPads was quickly taken advantage of by game developers who created many IPad casino games. Many players say that once they have played on an IPad is it difficult to return to a desktop or laptop computer.

About half of all smart phones sold are Android phones. It should come as no surprise that many internet bingo sites and casinos have developed Android apps. Android casinos are designed to work with the Android OS.

Blackberries are also popular with gamblers. Because of the easy to use keyboard and large screen Blackberries are a perfect fit for mobile casino games.

Today there are about seven mobile software developers producing games for a large number of mobile casinos. Some developers use no download flash technology while others create applications that must be downloaded. No matter what kind of mobile device is owned by players there is sure to be a mobile casino with compatible games.