Internet Bingo-Gambling or Not ?

There are millions of online bingo players around the world and if you were to ask most of them if they think of bingo as gambling chances are most of them would say no. Many believe that bingo is not gambling because it lacks the highly competitive atmosphere is casino games like poker and blackjack. Bingo’s long association with churches, charities and veteran’s organizations has given the game a wholesome image. Some bingo players say that bingo is not like card games where players can bet any amount and is therefore not a gambling game. Others say that since bingo is a random game of chance where players can win significant amounts of money it is a gambling game. The argument continues but is bingo really gambling.

Gambling is basically any activity where players bet an unspecified amount of money in order to win something of greater value. Using a strict interpretation of this definition bingo is gambling since bingo players purchase cards in hopes of winning cash or other items of greater value. Anytime a person bets money with the possibility of winning more than the amount wagered is considered gambling. This also includes poker, blackjack, slots and many other games of chance. Bingo players purchase cards with the intent of winning some sort of prize. This makes the game of bingo similar to lottery and sweepstakes games. The fact that bingo is different from most gambling games does not make is any less a form of gambling.

So why do so many people think that bingo is not a form of gambling? There are several reasons . For example bingo is not the type of game found in large casinos and for many people casinos represent gambling. The amounts of money involved could also be a factor influencing people’s perceptions of bingo. In traditional charity bingo games the jackpots are usually small compared to those found in large commercial bingo halls. At most games prizes are in the $500 to $1,000 range. In is also impossible to lose large amounts of money playing bingo. At casinos poker players have been known to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in one evening. This does not happen at bingo games where players may spend a few bucks purchasing cards.

Internet bingo operators have upped the ante and large jackpots are now common at internet bingo sites. No matter whether it is gambling or not bingo is a game enjoyed by millions and is attracting new players every year.