Finding Independent Bingo Review Sites

There are hundreds of bingo review sites online providing valuable information on the hundreds of bingo sites in operation. Some may wonder just how reliable and independent they really are. How do potential online bingo players find unbiased and accurate information? Bingo reviews can be great sources of information for new players and can help them to avoid potentially unpleasant experiences. While there are review sites that are little more than shills for individual bingo sites there are many that provide up to date accurate information.

It’s no secret that many bingo operators and networks have set up their own review sites on the internet. Usually these are easy to spot because of the reviews will point towards a specific site of a bingo network. These sites have been set up by individual bingo sites for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes and to promote their brand of games. For non techies search engine optimization is a way of improving a site’s web visibility using methods that will make a site rank high in search engine results. Studies have shown that most internet users searching for goods and services rarely read past the first page of results so it is important for bingo sites to have their sites to rank highly for popular keywords. Most non independent review sites will have advertisements for a bingo site or group of sites.

Truly independent review sites will have reviews for sites owned and operated by many operators in different locations. At these sites reviews are usually unbiased and many reviews are written by players. Some sites will also have forums that allow players to discuss their experiences, good and bad, at various bingo sites. Forums are one of the most accurate sources of information for new players. Generally customer service and software issues are the main topics of conversation. Is a player has had issues with deposits and withdrawals they will post their experience for all to see. Many review sites will allow operators to respond to negative posts. Occasionally shills will post on bingo forums but usually webmasters give them the boot very quickly.

Some internet bingo review sites will use a rating system of some sort and will explain their ratings. As has been mentioned reviews by players who have actually played the games are particularly valuable. Today there are literally hundreds of review sites online and internet bingo players can find out just about anything they want to know about specific bingo sites.