Have You Ever Been the First to Shout “BINGO?”

The most exhilarating and exciting experience yet is being the person who can should “BINGO” first. You know at that moment that you are the winner, that you take home the prize and that you are the Bingo King for that game.

Bingo has come a far way from its inception in 1530 in Italy when it was started in more of a lottery ticket than a bingo card game, but by in 1929 it changed completely into the game we know today. Bingo has not stayed stagnant and as the demand for this game grew so did the game itself. Today we have many various methods of playing bingo from 75 ball bingo to 90 ball bingo. Each individual game will either include specific patterns on the cards that need to be filled before you will earn the privilege of shouting “Bingo”, to games that will require you to have a full house.

Bingo is a fast game, but one that does not require hordes amount of skill. In land based Bingo halls concentration is your key talent. Individual numbers are called and it is up to you to mark those numbers off on your bingo cards. Playing online has an added benefit as at most online bingo halls you can either choose to have your cards marked automatically as each number is called or you can choose to mark them yourself – the choice is entirely yours.

Hours of fun is promised by online bingo halls as not only do you get to play numerous games at very affordable rates, but you have the chance to interact with an international player base. These players chat while the games are in progress so although you may be playing on your computer, you will still experience the comfort of being in a social network of like minded people.

To prevent boredom from setting in very exciting tournaments and progressive jackpots are plentiful on most online bingo sites. Here not only very lucrative amounts of money can be won but also, at times, some really fantastic prizes such as fully paid holidays, household items, fashion accessories, electronic equipment plus so much more.

Bingo is truly a game for the person who enjoys a fast paced game that holds a lot of excitement and fun. Each bingo hall together with each game will always hold their own set of rules and regulation so before you embark on any game, make sure that you understand these rules and regulations so that you will not experience the disappointment of being disqualified.

Land based casinos and online casinos have many similarities, but the biggest similarity is the numerous prices, the lucrative financial gains together with the promise that each game will bring your the excitement rush that Bingo players know so well.