How to Play Blackout Bingo

Blackout bingo, also known as coverall bingo, is a popular game at online bingo sites and land based bingo halls. Blackout bingo can be played using many bingo game variants including traditional 75 ball bingo, 90 ball bingo and 80 ball games. The object of blackout bingo is for players to cover all the squares on their bingo cards and the first player to do so is the winner of the game. In some blackout games there are prizes for other patterns such as diamonds or single row patterns.

Many internet bingo sites use blackout bingo to extend the length of a game session. Blackout games usually take longer than games using traditional winning card patterns. To make the game more interesting players are usually required to achieve a blackout within a certain number of calls. Unlike games where players can cover five numbers in a row to win the blackout pattern requires players to fill in all 24 squares on a 75 ball bingo card. 90 ball games can also use coverall patterns but because of the way 90 ball cards are designed unique patters cannot be used on 90 ball games.

Winning blackout bingo games is not easy. Covering all 24 squares within 40 to 50 calls is extremely difficult and requires a lot of luck. Generally blackout bingo games have a maximum of 60 calls. Since a blackout is difficult to achieve most blackout bingo games have larger jackpots than regular games. If there is no winner within the preset number of calls the jackpot may be reduced or even eliminated. In 75 ball blackout games are played on a 5X5 card with 25 squares. One middle square is designated as a ‘free’ square. Theoretically a blackout game can be won within 24 calls but the odds of that happening are millions to one.

The 90 ball bingo card has a different design and contains a three row nine column layout. Five out of every nine squares on the cards are numbered which means that only 15 numbers must be marked in order to achieve a 90 ball blackout. In the 90 ball version of the game marking off all 15 numbers is called a ‘full house.’

In 80 ball blackout games 16 numbers must be market to achieve a blackout. There is no free square on an 80 ball card so players will have to mark all the squares in the 4X4 grid. No matter whether the game is called ‘coverall’ or ‘blackout’ bingo it can provide players with plenty of exciting bingo action.