How to Spot a Networked Bingo Site

In the internet bingo industry bingo networks play a very important role. Most internet bingo players have noticed that some sites always have the same set of promotions and deposit bonus offers. This is because these sites are part of a network.  Bingo sites have a front end and a back end. The front end of a bingo site is what players see when they go to a bingo site. The front end includes the hope page and its unique graphics. The back end of a bingo site includes the software that powers the games and other aspects of the site. For example if a writer uses Blogger to publish their content the back end of the website is operated by Blogger.

Since networks share the same games and player pool networked bingo sites are able to offer larger jackpots. This is because in most cases prize pools are determined by the number of players in a game. Given how common bingo networks have become it is surprising that many players do not realize that they are actually part of a network of several bingo sites. Generally at networked bingo sites only the home page is unique and the game pages and side games are the same throughout the network.

The latest industry estimates say that there are about 500 internet bingo sites in operation and a majority of these are part of a network.  There are a few well known standalone bingo operations like Foxy and Virgin bingo. For most investors the costs of hiring a proprietary software developer are prohibitive. Internet bingo networks can provide investors with a cost effective way to get started in the business. A few networks provide turnkey operations that are ready to go. Some of the well-known network providers include Cashcade, Microgaming, St. Minver, VirtueFusion and others.

A ready to use bingo site is sometimes referred to as a ‘white label’ solution. A white label solution is defined as an off the shelf ready to run business. Networks offer software consistency throughout the network. Any innovations are shared within the network. Side games are also shared in a bingo network. There are a few ways players can spot a networked bingo site. Players can compare promotions and bonus offers which are usually the same in networked sites. Another way is to look at what payment options are available. In some cases the network software provider is listed with the payment options.