Italian Internet Gaming Market Shows Continued Growth

Late last year experts predicted that the continuous growth of the Italian internet gaming market had come to an end. A recent report issued by Italy’s online gambling regulatory body conflicted with the earlier predictions and showed that the Italian internet gaming market will continue to increase dramatically through 2012. In early April the Italian online gambling regulatory body AAMS released the online gaming revenues for February 2012. The market results for February point to a huge revenue increase for the month. According to the AAMS report overall revenues of online gambling companies in Italy increased 21% during the month of February.

The astounding increase makes the Italian online gaming market the fastest growing markets on the planet. Experts say there is no reason to believe that the growth will stall and most experts expect similar reports for March and subsequent months. Italy is one of Europe’s largest gaming markets and the internet gambling sector has grown rapidly since its introduction. Some experts said that the reason so many internet gaming companies managed to increase revenues in Italy is because of the popularity of fixed odds betting in the country. According to the government’s report fixed odds betting generated 377% more revenues in February than during January of this year.

In addition to fixed odds betting other internet gambling sectors posted positive growth figures. Online casinos, poker sites and internet bingo sites generated increased revenues in February. The revenues from these sectors increased by 20.6% during February. The total revenues earned by all internet gambling companies in February totaled 78.6 million Euros. The largest internet gambling company in Italy is Lottomatica which enjoys a 29% market share. The second largest company is Bwin.party with a market share of 12% and in third place is William Hill with a market share of 6.1%.

In February the internet poker sector was dominated by PokerStars which is an Italian brand. The report said that Italian cash games at PokerStars declined by 13% in February. Tournament revenues also dropped by 6%. Internet bingo generated an amazing 4.7 million Euros in February. The largest internet bingo providers in Italy are Gioco Digitale, bwin.party, Lottomatica and some smaller local bingo brands. Internet gambling was recently legalized in Italy. Compared to other European markets the Italian internet gaming market is still small. Because of the recent legalization the Italian internet gaming market is one of the fastest growing markets in the world.