Internet Bingo Market Updates

Bingo is a game that has had a long term image problem. For decades most people think of a typical bingo player as a pensioner or working class woman sitting in a smoke filled bingo hall dabbing away at multiple bingo cards. Some bingo players will actually yell at another player if they are unlucky enough to have selected someone’s ‘lucky’ seat! While some of these things may have been true in the past a new generation of bingo players is emerging; internet bingo players. In fact the latest British Gambling Prevalence Survey said that the emergence of exclusive internet bingo players is a new phenomenon. According to most industry reports internet bingo really started gaining ground after the smoking ban was imposed in the UK in 2007. Within 2 years internet bingo operators reported an 80% increase in player numbers.

Finding accurate statistics on bingo players is not easy. There is no definitive source and most of the statistics we do have were compiled by industry surveys and university studies. There are a few internet bingo operators that release annual reports but these may be biased in favor of the operator’s website. Most gaming companies keep their research and statistics secret. In spite of a lack of empirical evidence it is relatively easy to paint a clear picture with the available information.

There is one thing that all sources agree on and that is the face that a large majority of bingo players, online and offline are women. Women comprise about 70% to 80% of all bingo players in the UK. One industry report indicated that female players are more likely to engage in marathon gaming sessions than men. Many female players said that they felt intimidated and uncomfortable with the male dominated atmosphere at casinos and poker sites but feel comfortable playing at internet bingo websites. Most bingo operators are aware of these factors and go to great lengths to make women feel welcome.

At the present time the UK has the world’s most active bingo scene in the world. About 3 million Britons play bingo regularly. Although the US and Japanese markets are larger most operators continue to target British bingo players. Other factors that have aided industry growth include increased broadband access and the advent of mobile bingo. Bingo is now one of the most popular games on Facebook and since the popular social networking site has over 900 million regular users the potential of social gaming can easily be seen. .