Internet Bingo Regulations and Terms and Conditions

The UK was the first country to establish a well regulated internet bingo and gaming market. Instead of the prohibitionist approach taken in the United States the UK set up a Gambling Commission and gave it the authority to regulate all aspects of the internet gaming industry. The move has been highly successful and has been copied by several European countries. The gambling commission has also been able to tax offshore websites by establishing a point of consumption tax. Previously gaming sites were able to avoid taxation in the UK by locating offshore in jurisdictions such as Gibraltar, Malta and several other licensing jurisdictions.

The UK Gambling Commission was established by the Gambling Act of 2005. The commission is also charged with the responsibility of testing all gaming software to make sure all games are random and fair. Although the commission does not resolve disputes between gaming sites and players they will investigate complaints about possible violations of the internet gambling laws. The commission ensures that internet bingo players playing at sites licensed by the gambling commission can have confidence that the operator adheres to the strict rules set by the commission. Under the gambling act internet bingo is classified as ‘remote gaming.’ The gambling commission established a ‘white list’ of approved licensing jurisdictions but some big changes are in store for overseas operators.

Although all sites doing business in the UK must adhere to the regulations set by the Gambling commission each individual bingo site has its own set of terms and conditions. Players should always read these before signing up at any internet bingo sites. Here is a list of typical terms and conditions.

1.    By playing at ‘site x’ you agree to abide by all of the terms and conditions.
2.    Players must be of legal age set by the jurisdiction where they are located. Players must be at least 18 years old to play.
3.    Participation in games at ‘site x’ is only open to residents of jurisdictions where internet bingo and gaming are legal.
4.    ‘Site x’ makes no representations or warranties, implicit or explicit, as to the legal right to participate in bingo games.
5.    Employees of ‘site x’ its licensees, distributors, wholesalers, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising, promotion or other agencies, media partners, retailers and members of the immediate families of each may not participate in bingo games at the site.
6.    By participating in bingo games the player acknowledge that they do not find Bingo Games or Bingo to be offensive, objectionable, unfair, or indecent.
7.    Bingo is for entertainment purposes and non-professional use. All other uses are restricted.
8.    Only one account pre player is permitted.

These are the most common terms and conditions found at most internet bingo sites. In addition to these bingo sites may add further regulations and terms. Players should also know that bonuses and promotions usually have their own terms and conditions and it is always advisable to read these.