Internet Bingo Scams-Fact or Fiction ?

As the number of people playing internet bingo increases so do the number of player complaints. Players may complain about an individual game of may complain about a particular bingo site. It is hard to determine how much truth there is in the many reports of bingo scams and site misconduct. There are generally four types of bingo ‘scams’ reported by players. In bingo forums and discussion boards players complain mainly because they feel they have been ‘ripped off.’

One common complaint seems to be “I never win on this site.” Some complaints are accompanied by statements like “the only person who ever wins is (insert player username hers). In the past there were reports that some internet bingo sites used ‘ghost’ players who seemed to win often. At a couple of bingo sites there was some truth to the accusations but today most of the rogue operators have been eliminated by competition from reputable bingo sites. Most internet bingo sites are required to have their game software tested regularly for fairness and to make sure that the numbers called are random. In most cases these complaints are the work of disgruntled players. In the past five years there has only been one reported case of bingo game rigging and that took place at a land based bingo hall in Great Britain.

There have been many complaints about slow withdrawals or sites that refuse to payout winnings. This is one of the most common complaints found on bingo forums and discussion boards. There are usually two reasons why withdrawals may not be processed in a timely manner.
1.    The internet bingo site has a set of complex terms and conditions not fully understood by the player.
2.    There are real or perceived irregularities with the player’s account. The site may then demand proof of identity before releasing any winnings. In the past some sites used this excuse to delay payments.
Some players have complained about ‘unfair’ side games. Most slots are programmed to payout a certain percentage. In land based casinos the payout percentages are clearly listed but at most online casinos and internet bingo sites the payout percentages are not listed. Players should keep in mind that most slots and side games have a significant house edge.

Some people have made the ridiculous accusation that ‘internet bingo is a scam.’ This is a ridiculous assertion since most bingo sites are licensed in jurisdictions with strict regulations and testing requirements. Internet bingo is a legitimate industry with its own trade associations and standards for honesty and integrity. Internet bingo is far from a scam; it is a game that provides millions with hours of fun and entertainment and great prizes.