What Is It with Bingo and Food?

In the UK we often associate gambling with food; not necessarily on a literal level of course, though a bag of chips after a big bingo win in the town is something many of us are quite partial to. The connection in question is actually in the imagery we find in casinos and on bingo and gambling websites across the country and around the world.
The most obvious example of this is found on fruit machines, as they are known here in the UK; across the pond they are more commonly called slots, but that does not mean that you will not find pictures of apples, oranges and cherries on the screen.

Bingo is no different; whether you’re talking about Christmas Cake (number 38), Heinz Varieties (that would be number 57) or two fat ladies (which is, of course, no. 88); there are plenty of foodie terms that fly about if you are playing with a caller who knows the full list of bingo calls that we use in the British version of bingo.

Online bingo sites have started to get in on the action too; Tasty Bingo has made a great success out of using this imagery to entice potential players. Using language that we associate with cooking, dining, and more importantly, food advertising when interacting with players, as well as running themed competitions, sites like this increase their user base a great deal just by being a little bit different.

The bad news is that there is no real insight as to why food is so effective when it comes to advertising gambling. Perhaps it is down to the social aspect of eating that we are all so familiar with; playing a game of bingo, online or on the high street, is a social event akin to going out for a meal with friends; after all, there is plenty of opportunity for chatting, drinking, and spending your winnings on a nice meal out anyway.
Of course, it might not be down to anything so deep when we consider the success of this imagery online or when it is used on slot machines and the like. Perhaps it is simply the prospect of the most delicious prizes and the most fun free online bingo UK players have access to that makes sites like Tasty Bingo such hot prospects to people looking to play.