Bingo and Keno-The Same Game But Different

Both bingo and keno are random games of chance. Both games are easy to learn and have many similarities. In face non gamblers sometimes find it difficult to spot the differences between the two games. While bingo was invented in 15th century Italy Keno was invented in China. One highly disputed legend has it that keno was used to fund the construction of the Great Wall in China. Chinese immigrants introduced the game to the United States when they came to the US as laborers on the first transcontinental railroad. Keno can be found at internet bingo sites and bingo is found at online keno sites. Here are a few of the similarities and differences.

At a first glance both games appear to be the same. Numbers are randomly called and players check their bingo and keno cards for matching numbers. The method of playing is the same for both games. Players mark their cards with the hope of getting a winning combination or pattern. The number selection process for both games is very similar. Numbered balls are drawn from a cage and called out. At internet bingo and keno sites a random number generator is used. Both games are highly social and players can socialize during bingo and keno games. Both games are based solely on luck. Players do not have to learn any special skills and most new players master both games in less than five minutes.

There are some differences between the games. The method used for selecting numbers is different. Bingo players purchase preprinted bingo cards with random numbers printed on them. The bingo numbers are pre-selected and are not chosen by players. Bingo cards are usually valid for one game or game session. Keno players select their own numbers usually between one or twenty numbers from a field of 1 through 80. Players then mark their selected numbers on the keno tickets. Keno cards may be sued for several games.

Bingo players purchase bingo cards for a fixed amount of money and the card price is the bet. Bingo players may play multiple cards. Internet bingo players can literally play dozens of cards at once thanks to the auto daub feature found at most internet bingo sites. Keno players may vary their bets and have more control over how much they will bet and win.

In bingo games numbers are drawn until someone wins. If two players win the jackpot is split. In Keno games a set total of random numbers are drawn and players check their keno forms to see if any of their numbers match. Keno games can have several winners. Keno players have a range of bets to choose from.

These are the main similarities and differences between the two games. While bingo is usually not available in casinos Keno games are popular in Las Vegas casinos. Usually land based bingo players must go to a bingo hall to play or they can play at one of the many hundreds of bingo sites on the internet. Both games provide players with hours of fun, entertainment and excitement.