Common Internet Gambling Scams

The anonymous nature of the internet has opened the door for cyber criminals and scam artists who all want one thing; your money. There are several scams out there of varying degrees of sophistication. Internet bingo players have it better than most who gamble on the internet. Scams are relatively rare in the internet bingo sector. In the past most of the problems associated with internet bingo have been caused by dishonest employees and were nipped in the bud quickly. There are several common scams that all players should be aware of and here are a few of the most common internet gambling scams.

Many cyber scammers will set up ‘dummy’ sites counting on the fact that a large number of players will not do any research to determine the validity of the operation. Keep in mind that just about any programmer can set up a professional looking site that looks perfectly legitimate. Some scammers will set up sites duplicating reputable bingo sites and will use variations on the site’s name or will steal the name outright. Scammers will use similar graphics, color schemes and animations. You may actually be redirected to a scam site by slicking on a link that contains the name of a legitimate website. Once you deposit money the trouble will start. No matter whether you win or not the scammer intends to keep your money. If you try to withdraw winnings you will be given excuse after excuse. In many cases all communications will cease. There is really not much you can do after they have taken your money. Most scam sites will be located outside of your home country and you will have no legal recourse.

Many scammers will set up several ‘review’ sites to prove their legitimacy. Because it is so inexpensive to set up a site scammers may set up several sites that will tell you their site is everything it claims to be and more. You will not find any legitimate reviews at these sites and most of them will only review the dummy site.

You have probably read stories of players that have been ejected from casinos for winning ‘too much.’ Many internet gaming sites are like land based casinos in this respect. Should you win what the site administrators consider to be ‘too much’ you may find your account frozen and your winnings confiscated. A few years ago one internet bingo network was caught doing this exact same thing. Players who won consistently were banned.

Many dummy sites will offer fantastic bonuses. Unfortunately they usually have wagering requirements that make the bonuses worthless. In some cases the terms and conditions are written in such a way that the average person will find them unintelligible at best. Bonuses are standard practice in the internet bingo industry but scammers have no intention of paying any bonuses and will come up with ridiculous reasons for doing so.

You need to be careful when selecting any internet bingo site or casino. Read reviews by real players and do a little research into the site’s reputation. It will save you a lot of trouble in the long run.