Hot Fun in the Summertime

Since a lot of bingo players are over the age of 40 they probably remember the old song by Sly and the Family Stone titled ‘Hot Fun in the Summertime.’ The tune was popular at discos around the world. Well, believe it or not, online bingo can provide plenty of ‘hot fun’ this summer! In the past things were somewhat slow at internet bingo sites in the summer but no longer. This summer internet bingo sites are offering a huge selection of special summertime promotions.

The Olympics open in London on July 27th and several internet bingo operators have already announced Olympic themed promotions. Most likely there will be some new side games based on Olympic events. Online bingo operators know that when temperatures are up player numbers are down so they are doing everything possible to lure players this summer. Traditionally summer is a slow season in the online bingo and gaming industry as players forego their regular bingo games in favor of days at the beach and other outdoor activities. Rainy days are inevitable and there is sure to be something for those rainy days at bingo sites.

To attract new players and retail loyal players many internet bingo operators are offering bonus specials. Currently most bingo sites offer extremely generous welcome bonuses but there are other great bonuses that are reserved for loyal players. Bingo sites are offering daily, weekly and monthly bonus specials. Several sites have special chat room games with great prizes. Many sites offer cash back schemes to players that are registered. For players that have achieved VIP status the selection is even greater. VIP players receive bonus offers not available to other players. Usually these are announced via email. Because of the usual drop in player numbers bingo operators are going to great lengths to make this summer hotter than ever!

Since there are fewer players in the summer the odds are better for summer players. Generally the smaller the number of players the better the odds of winning. Fewer players mean greater opportunities at internet bingo sites. On those really hot days nothing beats a game of online bingo in an air conditioned home or apartment. There are bound to be some days when the heat and humidity make going outside unpleasant. Internet bingo is one way to beat the heat. This summer promises to be the best ever for internet bingo players.