How Weather Affects the Behavior of Internet Bingo Players

Most recreational industries are affected by the weather. In the summer casinos sometimes experience decreased revenues as players head for outdoor activities. Many online businesses suffer from a ‘summer slump’ and online bingo is no exception. It is an established fact that weather can have a profound effect on player behavior and activity. About two years ago a series of severe storms hit the UK and Europe. Millions were stranded but thankfully most of the infrastructure held up and most people did not lose electric power. After the storms passed several internet bingo operators reported a massive increase in player activity during the storms. Some said that revenues rose by as much as 60% during the storms and their aftermath and many credited the storms with generating positive first quarter results for internet bingo operators.

The fact that weather can influence player activity is old news to most online bingo and gaming operators. Once school is out and temperatures rise player numbers decline. During transitional seasons such as spring and autumn player activity can vary from day to day. On colder days player numbers are usually up and when temperatures increase player activity declines. Once summer hits player numbers decline and stay that way until early autumn. During the summer many online bingo operators cut back on marketing expenses including television ads. The selection of promotions and bonus offer is usually smaller in the summer. Operators know that a good sized percentage of players abandon their usual internet bingo games in favor of beach holidays and outdoor activities.

A recent report by one of the UK’s leading authorities on bingo, Bingoport, has confirmed what industry experts have known for a long time. The study showed a definite correlation between outdoor temperatures and the online activity of internet bingo players. The study recorded player data throughout the month of May and revealed some interesting data. May 27th was the warmest day of the month and on that day there were about 289,000 bingo players online in the UK. The temperature on May 27th reached 28 degrees Celsius at Heathrow airport or about 82 degrees Fahrenheit. May 4th was the second coldest day of the month and temperatures only reached a chilly 9.6 degrees Celsius or about 49 degrees Fahrenheit. On that day there were about 400,000 bingo players on the internet. The report has received widespread publicity and is sure to lead to more research into player behavior.