The Top Five Casino Games on Facebook

Gaming on Facebook has become extremely popular. There are millions of daily and monthly players on Facebook’s casino themed games. Social gaming is a hot topic in the online gambling industry and many game developers are waiting for legalization so Facebook can offer real money gaming. Here are a few of the most popular casino games on Facebook.

Zynga’s Texas Hold ‘Em has attracted 6.6 million daily users and 31.3 million monthly users. The game was launched in 2008 making it one of the longest running games on the platform. Players can also access Zynga’s poker from their Android phones. In the summer of 2010 the game hit its peak number of users at 39 million. Zynga has monetized the game by selling chips and ‘casino gold’ for Facebook credits. The chips are used for basic game play and players can use casino gold to buy into the weekly tournaments.

Slotomania by Israeli game developed Playtika has 1,700,000 daily users and 5.6 million monthly users. Recently American casino giant Caesar’s Entertainment purchased Playtika. Slotomania was launched in 2010 and enjoyed steady growth through 2011. The game has seen a spike in players since the purchase by Caesar’s. Currently the chief source of revenue for Slotomania is virtual currency which players purchase in groups with Facebook credits.

Bingo Blitz by Buffalo Studios has about 970,000 daily users and 2.9 million monthly users. Bingo Blitz is a fast paced internet bingo game that was launched in 2010. Recently Buffalo Studios and Bingo Blitz made news after a partnership between Las Vegas casino the Rivera and Bingo Blitz teamed up to attract younger players to the live bingo games on the Las Vegas strip. Bingo Blitz players can win a free trip to July’s $200,000 bingo tournament to be held at the Rivera. Bingo Blitz offers players two currencies; coins and credits that can be traded for each other.

Double Down casino was launched on Facebook in 2010. Double Down has 1.3 million daily users and 4.7 monthly users. During the past three months growth as stabilized to about 4.5 monthly users. Players have several casino style games to choose from; video poker, blackjack, slots, tournaments and roulette. Players are given a number of playing chips free and players can purchase more using Facebook credits.

Jackpot Joy Slot Machines were launched in 2011 and there are about 380,000 daily users and 1.8 million monthly users. The games experiences strong growth in 2011 but during the last three months the number of daily and monthly users have fluctuated by 20% and 27%. Players many purchase game coins via Facebook credits for cash payments between $5 and $200.