When Social Gaming Meets Real Money Gambling

The figures associated with social gaming are astounding. Facebook has over 900 million users worldwide and 53% of all Facebook users say they have engaged in social gaming. Internet gaming companies have seen the potential of social gaming and are launching their own social gaming platforms. There are five games on Facebook that attract the greatest number of players. The most popular Facebook games include Texas HoldEm Poker, DoubleDown Casino, Best Casino, Bingo Blitz and Slotomania. San Francisco based game developer Zynga accounts for almost 12% of the total revenues generated by Facebook. It has been estimated that the five most popular games on Facebook have about 11.25 million players every day.

As can be seen the numbers are staggering and the potential is almost limitless for online gaming companies. Most experts believe that eventually the social gaming community is going to merge with the world of real money gambling and gaming companies are gearing up for that eventuality. The merger of the two worlds is bound to create a new category containing both markets. The markets are a natural match. Online gambling is now a $30 billion dollar a year industry. Currently the social gaming community is estimated at over 300 million monthly users. Even if only a small percentage of current social gamers could be converted to real money gamblers the numbers would be huge for the internet gambling industry.

Online gambling operators have already realized the potential of Facebook as a player acquisition tool. Online gambling operators have entered the world of social gaming to increase the number of users they can reach and increase brand awareness. Making money in the social gaming sector is different than making money in the internet gambling world. Instead of depositing money to purchase coins or credits social gamers purchase virtual currencies that can be used to purchase game items or unlock specific game features. About 20% of the social gamers on Facebook have purchased cyber currencies using Facebook credits. Purchasing virtual goods is a vital part of social gaming. Players purchase the virtual currencies to get to a higher game level and unlock special game features.

Once internet gambling becomes legal it will be easy to monetize social gaming. Popular Facebook games like the popular internet bingo game BingoBlitz would undoubtedly attract many current internet bingo players because of the games unique features. Some experts say that real money social gaming has the potential to eventually generate $100 billion annually.