How to Resolve Internet Bingo Complaints

There are almost 400 internet bingo sites offering games to players around the world. By and large most internet bingo operators are honest and go to great lengths to provide the best internet bingo experience possible. In spite of the best efforts by operators there are still several complaints by players every year. The most common complaint is about vague and deceptive terms and conditions associated with various bonus offers. Withdrawal problems are another common complaint. Unfortunately most players don’t bother to read all of the site’s terms and conditions and avoid reading the ‘small print’ which leads to misunderstandings and complaints. Most players are unaware of how to complain and who to take their complaint to.

Dealing with an internet bingo site can sometimes be difficult. Some sites have actually banned what they consider ‘difficult’ players. Some sites will simply give players the runaround and refer them to the site’s terms and conditions. Players should be thoroughly familiar with the terms and conditions. They should also document all pages related to their complaint including screenshots if possible. If the complaint is due to a technical the time and date should be noted including the game ID which should be on the game screen. The first step should be contacting the operator. Be sure to be polite because rude and annoying complaints tend to be ignored. Remember rudeness can get a player banned quickly.

Chat monitors are a good place to start when a player has a complaint. Occasionally chat leaders can straighten out a simple complaint. Most reputable internet bingo sites offer 24/7 customer support. Contact the site via email or live chat or by phone. Make sure everything is organized and well documented.

If you do not receive satisfaction from the operator contact the regulatory body in the country where the site is licensed. In the UK the gambling commission has been very helpful in the past. Most sites will clearly list the jurisdiction where they are licensed. A quick Google search will help players to locate regulatory bodies. List of licensing bodies can be found online. It should be a relatively easy matter to resolve a complaint. Because of industry competition internet bingo operators are guarding their reputations and do not want any bad publicity.