Live Longer, Stay Healthier by Playing Bingo

Several studies have confirmed the mental and physical health benefits of playing bingo. Online bingo has also been shown to have beneficial effects. Bingo provides the mind with valuable exercise and builds hand eye coordination. In one study seniors who played bingo outperformed their younger counterparts when it came to multitasking and memory exercises. In addition the social benefits of playing bingo have been shown to increase the average life span by as much as 20%! All of this is certainly good news for bingo players worldwide.

Bingo was used in Germany to teach various academic subjects in the 19th century. Bingo was particularly effecting in teaching vocabulary and math skills. A recent study done at the University of Southampton in the UK clearly showed that in most cases bingo players outperformed non-players on various mental tests. As has been mentioned in several tasks older bingo players did much better than younger non-players. Playing bingo requires quick reactions, good hand eye coordination, concentration and mental speed. The results of the study were published last year and made waves in the UK bingo world.

The Southampton study showed that age related decline in mental abilities can be attributed to a lack of use of the brain and since playing bingo requires the use of cognitive abilities playing bingo can actually slow the mental decline associated with old age. One of the researchers stated “Bingo players, whether young or old, were faster and more accurate than non-bingo players on many tests of cognitive function. Moreover, in certain tasks older bingo players significantly outperformed younger players.”

In another study it was shown that playing bingo can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s symptoms. There is even more good news for bingo players. A Harvard University study showed that participating in social activities can significantly increase life spans by as much as 20%. One researcher at Southampton University is devising tests to measure the psychological benefits of playing bingo. In the past researchers have compared the skills required to play chess with the skills required to play bingo and have found significant differences. Playing games like chess or bridge require stores skills that are learned over time but do not require the quick mental reactions required of bingo players. Some researchers are conducting studies at long term care facilities to determine the benefits of bingo to residents.

Bingo is a great game for players of all ages and the evidence is in; no matter what your age playing bingo is good for your health!