All About Refer A Friend Programs at Internet Bingo Sites

As everyone knows bingo is a highly social activity and players are a gregarious lot. It is common to see friends at local bingo halls that have been playing together for decades. Many bingo buddies have an agreement in place to share any winnings. Internet bingo is also highly social. Chat rooms and forums are usually busy and players are actually encouraged to talk during games. At live bingo halls this is discouraged and those who insist on talking during games risk being ejected from the hall. Online bingo players can actually earn money by introducing friends to their favorite bingo site. Refer a friend programs are virtually unknown at live bingo halls but are common at internet bingo sites.

Playing internet bingo with friends can make the games more enjoyable and can add a touch of competition to the game. Study after study has shown that online bingo is just as social as live bingo. One survey found that most online bingo players consider the social interaction offered by online bingo games more important than monetary or financial gain. Thanks to increased broadband access and faster computer speeds today’s bingo games are better than ever. Mobile bingo is also available for mobile devices. Mobile bingo does have one drawback; in many cases screen size limits access to chat rooms and side games.

Players who are introducing a friend to online bingo should take full advantage of the refer a friend schemes offered by most online bingo sites. Refer a friend bingo schemes are somewhere between affiliate programs and player loyalty programs. Depending on the site players referring a friend can earn special bonuses and in some cases real cash that can be used to purchase bingo cards. Players taking advantage of refer a friend schemes are usually rewarded in one of three ways; with real cash (rare), bonus cash which will be credited to the player’s account or bonus points which, in some cases, can be converted into cash.

As usual it is important to read all of the terms and conditions associated with any refer a friend program. For players to receive any rewards the friend has to sign up and make a deposit before any rewards can be collected. Most sites list their terms and conditions on their refer a friend page. Many bingo sites are also taking advantage of social networking sites and in some cases it is possible to refer a friend from Facebook.