Figures Indicate A Halt In Internet Bingo Industry Growth

For the last decade the internet bingo industry has been growing by leaps and bounds. In the UK internet bingo numbers exploded after the imposition of a national smoking ban that sent players flocking from live bingo halls to internet bingo sites. At some sites player numbers increased by as much as 80%. At the time the smoking ban was imposed there are about 200 bingo sites in operation and today the number is close to 400. Most internet bingo sites target the lucrative UK bingo market while others target an international audience. Today most bingo sites offer traditional US style 75 ball games and 90 ball games popular with British and European players.

Many experts predicted that the UK market would become saturated as too many bingo sites competed for the same player base. Recently several bingo sites have reported that while sales have not increased they have not fallen either. A new report by the bingo experts at BingoPort.co would indicate that industry growth has halted. The popular bingo site has released their April – June quarterly industry report. The figures show a decrease in bingo wagering and player activity during the period compared with figures from the January – March quarter.

The Bingo Trends data released by Bingo Port showed a 6.1% decrease in bingo wagering from the January – March quarter. The report also shows that about GBP 255,626,262 ($398,095,568.06 USD) was wagered on bingo tickets in the UK during the period beginning April 1st to June 30th of this year. Since BingoPort started tracking industry data in June 2011 this is the first quarter that a decline in wagering and player activity has been recorded. BingoPort’s managing director Scott Logan believes that the figures indicate that the UK bingo market has matured. Logan stated “Obviously the April – June quarter has historically been impacted by the warmer weather and Summer holiday season, but in previous years, ongoing growth of the industry has countered any reduction in activity during this period. It seems clear that the industry is no longer growing at such a rate.”

BingoPort has been a valuable source of hard to come by online bingo industry data. Most internet bingo operators jealously guard their figures and accurate industry data is hard to find. Although the figures do not signal an industry decline they do indicate that internet bingo operators need to expand into new markets.