How to be the Best at Bingo !

According to recent surveys online bingo is the second most popular game in the UK. Over three million Britons log in every week at their favorite online bingo sites and play. Bingo has been a part of British culture since the early 20th century. Bingo was played in the trenched during the Great War and gained immense popularity after World War 2. Bingo has been popular among British working class women for decades. Today online bingo is the fastest growing sector of the online gaming industry and new bingo sites are launched weekly. Once bingo went online the game became accessible to almost everybody. All that is needed to play is a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. A trip to the local bingo hall is no longer necessary to play the game.

Social interaction is very important to bingo players whether they are playing at a local hall or online. According to several surveys bingo players value social interaction more than financial gain. Bingo games have a relaxed atmosphere and are not highly competitive like poker and blackjack games. Online bingo games are designed to be as much fun as possible. Chat rooms enable players to talk during the games, something that is discouraged in live bingo halls. During most bingo games players are friends instead of competitors. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your internet bingo games.

Purchase several bingo cards to increase your chances of winning. You can use the auto daub feature to make sure you don’t miss any called numbers. If you are purchasing multiple cards stick to games with low priced cards.

Create an original screen name. Let the other players know that you are a fun person to be around. Try to avoid screen names that could be offensive to some.

Make friends in the chat rooms. This is not difficult, just be yourself. Many players have made long term friendships in the chat rooms that have led to real life meetings. There have actually been a few marriage proposals at some bingo sites. You never know what will happen in the chat rooms which makes them entertaining.

Learn ‘bingolingo’ as soon as you can. Bingo lingo is a collection of phrases and abbreviations. If you are new other players will be happy to assist you until you have mastered the new language.

Always take advantages of bonuses and promotions. Try to find progressive jackpot games. In many cases the jackpots can reach life changing amounts of money.

Invite your friends and take advantage of the ‘refer a friend’ program offered by most bingo sites. You will earn points that can be used to purchase bingo cards and play side games.