How to Become an Internet Bingo Chat Moderator

At internet bingo sites chat moderators are responsible for making the chat room a fun and entertaining place to be. In addition chat moderators are responsible for keeping the conversations going and to hand out special bonuses in chat room based games. The internet bingo industry is growing and provides employment for thousands. Since chat moderators usually work from home it is the perfect job for stay at home moms and those who prefer home based employment. Typically the job of chat moderators are highly sought after and the competition for these jobs is keen.

There are several ways to look for chat moderator jobs. In the UK there is actually a website that specializes in listing jobs in the bingo industry. The site, BingoJobs.co.uk maintains a current list of bingo job postings. Potential moderators can sign up for their newsletter and will be sent alerts about the latest job postings. Most bingo experts say that once an opening is listed potential employees should move quickly because most bingo jobs are filled quickly. Jobs in the bingo industry do not stay vacant for long.

Another method is to contact the various internet bingo sites directly. Some sites will list job openings but this is relatively rare. Applicants should email the customer support team to see if there are any vacancies for chat moderators. Be sure to include a current resume and ask the site to send job openings as they become available. At most sites training is required and most applicants will work with other chat hosts for training purposes.

The job of chat moderator is not an easy one and hard work is required. A thorough knowledge of bingo slang and abbreviations is necessary. Fortunately most applicants are also players and have a working knowledge of the language used at online bingo sites. There are several responsibilities including the job of ‘peace keeper’, customer service, responding to emails and customer inquiries. Good typing speed is necessary along with the ability to communicate with players at all levels. At many sites marketing skills are necessary for promoting the bingo brand and its bonus offers and promotions.

The job of chat moderator is not easy by any means and is not for the faint of heart. On the other hand the job can be very rewarding and entertaining. Good chat moderators are worth their weight in gold and many have actually achieved cult status at internet bingo sites.