What Bingo Loyalty Programs Can Do For You

For most online bingo operators attracting new players is an important part of their business. Once they have got your business they want you to keep coming back for more. Internet bingo operators use a variety of methods for player retention. Special games and bonuses for established players are very common. Many sites will offer players free cards, free games, special chat games, free tournaments and other freebies.

Most online bingo sites offer some sort of loyalty program for established. In many cases loyalty programs are similar to VIP programs and contain many of the same player perks. Most loyalty programs use player rewards. Usually loyalty points are earned every time you play bingo or any of the side games such as slots. Loyalty points accumulate and can be used to purchase bingo cards and in some cases can be converted to cash in your bingo account.

Some bingo sites will credit you with an amount of loyalty points as soon as you have signed up. One major UK bingo operator actually gives players 2,000 loyalty points as soon as they sign up. Another way you can earn loyalty points is to refer your friends to your bingo site. You will receive loyalty points of perks from a ‘refer a friend’ program. One site actually awards 5,000 loyalty points each time At most sites there is no limit of the number of loyalty points you can accumulate. Loyalty points and special bonuses can come in handy if your account is low on cash.

The most popular use for loyalty points is to purchase bingo cards. By using loyalty to purchase cards you are essentially playing for free. Who knows? You could easily win a huge jackpot using cards purchased for free using loyalty points. Most bingo sites have the requirements and rules pertaining to loyalty points clearly posted on the site. The FAQ section is a good place to look for the terms and conditions associated with loyalty points.

If you are looking for a way to maximize your rewards look for special promotions and tournaments. You should also look for progressive jackpot games. Usually cards for progressive jackpot games are somewhat expensive but if you have enough loyalty points you can play for free. Keep in mind that most progressive jackpot games have huge jackpots. A few online bingo players have won over a million pounds at progressive online bingo games.