Bingo Networks-the Pros and Cons

Networks have been a part of the internet bingo industry for years. Networks enable many people to come together and pool their resources and provide quality online bingo games. Online networks are similar to land based linked games and participants can offer higher jackpots. Despite the importance of networks in the bingo world most players are totally unaware of their existence. So what exactly is a bingo network? Put simply a bingo network is a group of sites that pool their players using services based at a central location.

Since most bingo jackpots are determined by the number of players purchasing cards bingo networks have a larger player pool and can afford to pay higher jackpots than standalone bingo sites. Game software and banking and chat functions are provided by the network. Each individual networked site has the ability to use unique graphics (also known as ‘skins’). The network provides benefits for all of its members. New bingo sites can tap into an existing player pool and networks offer their ‘white label’ solutions to new operators.

‘White label’ is a term that many bingo players may not be familiar with. A white label solution is a ready to run bingo site and the network provides games, side games, chat hosts and in some cases marketing and advertising services. Some very well-known bingo sites are part of a network. For example Yahoo bingo is part of the St. Minver network. Some networks are linked to a particular brand of software. Virtue Fusion and Dragonfish are two well-known software providers. There is nothing wrong with being a part of a network. In well run networks each site feels unique and most players are unaware that they are playing with players from another site.

For new operators networks provide a quick and easy way to enter the thriving internet bingo industry. Networks are responsible for hundreds of the bingo sites online today. Most of the UK based bingo sites are part of a network with the exception of well-known land based bingo brands like Mecca, Gala and Virgin.  In most cases networks have been successful and there have been few issues. One UK bingo expert has said that networks are the backbone of the internet bingo industry and online bingo continues to be a growth industry. Gaming experts have predicted further growth for the rest of 2012 and well into 2013.