Calling Bingo Too Early Will Cost Players in Vegas

In most land based bingo halls calling a false bingo will earn the ire of other players and with good reason. It disrupts the game and breaks the concentration of many players. In as Vegas Aletha Stainbrook 24, found out the hard way that calling bingo too early can cost dearly. Stainbrook, who says she is not really an avid bingo player, called a bingo when in fact she didn’t have one in a crowd of 300 players. Players were at the Pride Family Wednesday bingo games hosted by drag queens at Las Vegas’s Circus Circus.

The Las Vegas native got 15 minutes of unwanted fame for the bingo mistake after Norma Llyaman and Diana Prince, the two drag queens calling the games summoned her to the stage. They wanted to show the crowd of players exactly what happens when players call bingo prematurely. “Are you diabetic?” Llyaman asked Stainbrook holding a big bag of cotton candy in her hand. Stainbrook admitted to a love of sugar as Llyaman shoved a big wad of cotton candy into her mouth and asked her to say “chubby bunny” into the microphone for the amusement of the crowd.

Stainbrook took it all in good spirits and with a sense of humor to pay for her mistake. Stainbrook said “I got free cotton candy. And now I get to say a (drag queen) shoved cotton candy down my throat.” The bingo event at Circus Circus consisted of 11 bingo events and proceeds from the Pride Family Bingo games are donated to the Southern Nevada Association of Pride Inc., which is a nonprofit organization that produces the local gay Pride festival and annual parade.

The games will continue as monthly themed events at Circus Circus. The first event was a flamboyant affair with Chippendales dancers posing for pictures outside of the bingo hall converted into a bingo hall. Circus Circus manager Ernie Yuen said that most of the hotel departments had a hand in producing the event. Scott Voeller, the International vice president of brand strategy and advertising for MGM resorts said the company believes that diversity is a core value of MGM. For Stainbrook it is probably a good thing that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!