How Important is a Good Bingo Caller ?

What would a bingo game be without a caller? Believe it or not the job is not an easy one and a bingo caller can make or break a game. In fact many internet bingo sites have switched to live bingo callers to add an extra touch of realism to the games. In the past most sites used rather monotonous recorded or mechanical bingo callers. Bingo players can get so excited that at times some bingo callers may have felt the need for a bulletproof vest. In the UK there has been talk of replacing live bingo callers in some bingo halls and replacing them with automated voices.

Most bingo players are not in favor of automated bingo callers. Most bingo players consider the social aspect of the game as the most important and live callers add to the general social atmosphere. A few halls have already introduced automated callers much to the chagrin of most players. In some halls callers have achieved a kind of cult status. It may interest some to know that movie star Russell Crowe started out as a live bingo caller in his native New Zealand. Crowe was fired after he couldn’t resist making some ‘alterations’ to certain bingo calls. According to his sister in law “Russell used ruder versions of the bingo calls. His bosses failed to see the funny side and booted him out, but he says he always checks to see where the local venue is when he moves somewhere new.”

As with anything there are pros and cons to live and automated bingo callers. If a human caller is used there are bound to be the inevitable human errors. It is impossible for a computerized automated caller to make a mistake. Unfortunately a mechanical caller cannot add the entertainment value added by a live caller. Mistakes are bound to raise the ire of players. One woman described the abuse suffered by a local caller after he made three mistakes during one game. Players shouted things like “c’mon it’s your only job” and “get your eyes checked” and some of the players used saltier adjectives to express their displeasure.

Obviously one of the characteristics needed by a bingo caller is a thick skin. Players take the games seriously and do not suffer mistakes gladly. On the other hand most bingo players have a good sense of humor and a caller that adds a touch of humor is bound to be a big hit with players.