So You Want to be a Chat Host ?

Believe it or not the online bingo industry is huge and employs thousands in various positions. There are marketers, administrators, software developers, programmers and just about every occupation necessary to keep an online business running. There are two online bingo jobs where employees are in direct contact with players; customer support and chat hosts. Most players see chat hosting as an easy job but nothing could be further from the truth. So what exactly does an internet bingo chat host do?

At most internet bingo sites each game has its own chat room. If you have ever played online bingo chances are you have interacted with a chat host. The chat host is the person that welcomes you to the game and wishes you luck when you play. They also congratulate winning players. The role of a chat host can be a busy one and requires excellent people skills. Chat hosts must remember regular players and high rollers and keep the conversations civil and lively. They also inform players about upcoming promotions, special games and bonuses. They must keep trolls out of the chat room and keep arguments to a minimum.

Chat hosts are online for several hours each day depending on which bingo site they work for. Many chat hosts work from home which makes the job particularly attractive to many. Some bingo sites are adding webcam capabilities which could change the role of chat host. Once webcams are installed chat hosts may be required to wear silly costumes and must keep up appearances; no yawning or eye rolling. Although most chat hosts love their job they will tell you that the job is not an easy one. Chat hosting is a perfect job for those who want or need to work part time, like shift work and want to work from home with minimal supervision.

Online bingo operators know that a good chat host can attract new players and retain established players. In fact player retention is a part of every shat host’s job. Many players will only play games run by their favorite chat host. If you are interested in becoming a chat host a good place to start is asking the chat hosts at the site where you play about employment possibilities. There are several websites that list job openings in the internet bingo industry. You can also try contacting the site operators and email them a resume. Good luck with your job search.